Kim Kardashian Strolls Through Nyc With Daughter North West

4, 2013. Credit: It looks like North West is getting plenty of “Mommy and Me” time these days. The five month old tot, whose father, Kanye West , recently compared her to British royalty , was spotted out with mother Kim Kardashian on Dec. 4. PHOTOS: Kim’s post-baby body style Kardashian, 33, looked sleek and chic as she pushed the baby’s stroller out of their apartment in NYC’s SoHo.

Those who keep track of Kanye’s exploits might remember that he is a guy who prefers to do everything big and public. For example, when he proposed to Kim back in October, the man literally rented out the entire San Francisco AT&T park, hired a 50-piece orchestra and had the words PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!! light up on a giant screen. If that won’t get a girl to marry you, nothing will! However, Kim Kardashian might not be your regular, run-of-the-mill bride-to-be, since she’s been married before. At one time, she said I do to NBA player Kris Humphries in a ceremony that cost $10 million (7,34 million). But that doesn’t seem to have impressed her deeply, since she filed for divorce a mere 72 days later.

PHOTOS: Who’s who in the Kardashian clan These days, a typical card is a family photo that may make some passing reference to the holiday but is mostly a contrived visual meant to portray mom, dad and the kids in a happy, healthy glow however far from reality that may be. When the kids were smaller, thats pretty much the kind of card the Kardashians sent out. They didnt really stray far from the norm until they got their TV show. Then, the glamour shots began to creep in, but even last years card was not far outside the norm (though it looked less like Christmas twitter and more like a New Years celebration with the whole family dressed in white, champagne at the ready and confetti scattered in the air). Yes, this year the Kardashians card does not exactly scream family togetherness, but it is wrong to say it lacks any touch of the season. Over on the left side, theres a golden, 6-foot-high dollar sign.

Talk-show host Conan thinks he might have discovered just one more, and it’s a big one. In the video above, Conan pulls up a life-size version of the Kardashian Christmas card and goes on to analyze the seemingly chaotic amalgamation of elements thrown in there to confuse people. There’s Bruce Jenner in a tube, a magazine of Kanye on top of a pile, some Illuminati symbols hidden in the background and Kim’s oh-so-lovely and yet oh-so-pricey dress. But what really grabs attention is when Conan folds the entire card like an origami swan to reveal a message written in pink neon letters WE SUCK. Was this intentional or an accident?

PacificCoastNews The new mom recently responded to criticism about her parenting skills after a Twitter user apparently said she doesnt spend enough time with her child. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star may have been headed for the airport. Later Wednesday night she and Kanye West made an appearance at the star-studded DuJour Magazine party at Delano South Beach, a beach club in Miami. RELATED: KIM KARDASHIAN BLASTS TWITTER CRITICS OF HER PARENTING SKILLS Kardashian recently responded to criticism about her parenting skills, after a Twitter user apparently accused her of not spending enough time with her child.


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