Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Wear Matching Outfits In Nyc: See The Picture

where to watch Kim Kardashian sex tape A source said: “Kim met with her surgeon to discuss having a nose job and liposuction on her thighs and tummy before their wedding next summer. “She was planning to do it in March when Kanye would be working in Paris. She hoped by the time he returned to Los Angeles she would have healed and Kanye would never know. “He flipped and said if she went ahead with the procedures then the wedding was off.” Kim is currently managed by her mother, Kris Jenner, but Kanye – who has a five-month-old daughter, North, with the socialite – is also having a clause inserted into the pre-nup which limits the control his future mother-in-law will have. The insider explained to heat magazine: “Kanye’s also inserted a mother-in-law clause which means Kris will have no say in decisions which affect them as a couple. Even work ones.” The pair will also have to pay financial penalties if one of them cheats on the other, though insiders insist this is a “standard” clause.

The 36-year-old rapper took a moment during the concert to expound on everyone from Bruno Mars to Oprah Winfrey. Kanye addressed the MTV Video Music Awards, saying producer Rick Rubin encouraged him to “just do your motherf–king song and leave.” (West performed “Blood on the Leaves” during the August awards ceremony.) Evidently he didn’t leave soon enough: “Bruno Mars won all the motherf–king awards and s–t. And I was thinking about what Rick Rubin told me, because I dont give a f–k about no TV show. But what I care about is if youre an artist and you work hard as f–k and the streets say that you deserve that s–t. Then cant no motherf–king networks try to gas everybody up so they can sell some product with the prettiest motherf–ker out.” Later in his sermon, Kanye discussed his relationship with Winfrey, and the advice she offered him, which provided riffs of Kanye singing, “Oprah, it’s a new day.” The rest of his 10-minute speech includes words on his fashion career, the stigmas still in place against rap, and the reactions to his “Yeezus” album.

Last month, Ye told a radio host in Los Angeles that he will design the new Sistine Chapel. (One might argue that preposterous statements like that are what get him laughed off, not his race, but how preposterous would it sound if Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates made that same declaration?) West showed up at Harvard while in Boston for a leg of his Yeezus tour. He had a closed-door discussion with the black grad students, and then, as they were concluding a tour of the school building, he spontaneously hopped on a table to deliver a speech really a manifesto: I really do believe that the world can be saved through design, he said. It was a bold performance that captured plenty of media attention . But obscured by the Yeezus media circus were the people who invited him and why. A few of the students responsible for bringing Kanye took a break from their end-of-semester finals to talk with Grist about the lack of of equity and inclusion in the world architecture.

The betrothed couple went the all-American route and stepped out in strategically ripped blue jeans paired with crisp, white shirts and heavy dark coats on their way to Brooklyn for round two of the Yeezus tour stop at Barclays Center. PHOTOS: Kim and Kanye: The perfect match It was a refreshing, more comfortable-looking option for Kardashian, 33, who for two consecutive days, attended events in tight, sheer outfits. (The reality TV star wore a netted, see-through top on Monday and a cleavage-baring, sheer black top to West’s first concert at the Barclays Center on Tuesday.) The mom to 5-month-old North revealed slivers of skin through the distressed, strategically-placed slashes on her Saint Laurent chain-embellished skinny jeans, and bundled up in a white, crew-neck, short-sleeved sweater, topped by a long, black coat with gold buttons that fell to her ankles. Kardashian swapped her Tom Ford sandals for black, pointed-toe, satin pumps. PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian’s post-baby body and style The father of baby Nori, 36, escorted his fiance through the throng of photographers parked outside their Manhattan apartment. West’s jeans were not as elaborately torn as his wife-to-be’s, but his faded denim had one large gap at his left knee.

It was a pro athlete relishing the Jumbotron replay. It was Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo , falling to his subconscious doom in a psychedelic nightmare. It was a dream that felt deceptively coherent. The kind that makes perfect sense when its unraveling in your brain but abuses logic when you try to explain it in the morning. It was like nothing else that Wests peers are dreaming up today. It was a demand that we expand our notions of pop greatness.

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radio showThe Russ Parr Morning Show, Kanye spoke about the President of the United States calling him an a*shole four years ago, financial problems with the Nike x Yeezys deal and more. Rumors have been circulating that Kanye West would be leaving Nike and partnering with Adidas for the next edition of his highly anticipated Yeezys. During one of his speeches at the November 20thYeezustour stop at the Barclays Center, Kanye claimed that Nike CEO Mark Parker said he did not even know why people like the Yeezys. During his interview with Russ Parr, Kanye delved into some specifics on what soured his relationship with Nike and how the birth of his daughter, North West, inspired this change: If it was for myself, I wouldve been cool just sitting in Nike, not getting no royalties. Having people line up for the Yeezys. But, when Im having negotiations and I go look in my daughters eyes and go out and negotiate after that. Oh, yall aint fitna talk to me like that.

Kanye West’s Brain Melts In This David Blaine Ice Pick Stunt

Tuesday night. Blaine, like the truly creeptastic showman that he is, thoroughly skeeved out a bunch of famous people like Will Smith and Woody Harrelson by jamming an ice pick through his hand and then asking said famous people to pull it out again. While the majority of the celebs reacted in cringing, hand-flapping horror to the stunt see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul ‘Ye stayed cool, smiling and chuckling as he pulled the sharp implement from the musician’s hand. Perhaps he just went to his “happy place” which we’re guessing is some iteration of the tranquil scenes in his “Bound 2” video ? This isn’t the first time Blaine has enlisted a musician to inflict physical pain on his person; in 2012, the magician executed a stunt called “Electrified” in which he spent three days and three nights being electrocuted by the likes of Andrew W.K. , who doled out shocks via a mini keyboard hooked up to Tesla coils.


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