Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom Cheating Rumors Escalate

Y si una imagen vale mas que mil palabras, entonces estas dos fotos valen mas que lo que cualquier documento de identidad diga. No es la primera vez que las vemos imitarse. Han usado los mismos disenos ( aunque Kim envidie el cuerpo de Kendall ) y hasta Kylie se mimetiza con su hermana mayor. Tal vez viendo a las Jenner podemos intuir como lucira la pequena North West en su adolescencia. Despues de todo, ya sabemos que es una copia viviente de su madre ( y no es asi ni mucho menos asi ). Lo que nos hace pensar que Kendall sera la nueva super estrella de la cultura pop estadounidense?

View Gallery | 30 Photos I have been so excited to see Monsters University! What a charming and clever movie. Scott snuck in half way through and surprised us. There really is nothing like seeing a movie in a movie theatre with popcorn and snacks! I am wearing a Blu Life sweater from DASH, blank NYC jean shorts from DASH, Balenciaga flats, Tom Ford sunglasses and a Tom Ford bag. Masonis wearing a Gap kids t-shirt, Old Navy plaid shorts and Nike sneakers.

By Evelyn Diaz Filed Under Khloe Kardashian , cheating , Celebrity News , Celebrity Scandal , Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom ‘s camera-ready marriage seems to be on the rocks. Star magazine reports that the youngest Kardashian sister has kicked her NBA player husband out of their California mansion after discovering he’s been cheating on her with a woman named Jennifer Richardson for more than a year. According to the gossip rag, Odom met Richardson at a strip club following a game in Washington, D.C., in January 2012, when Odom was still playing for the Dallas Mavericks. While the pair didn’t have sex that night, they were intimate and became “smitten” with each other. According to sources, their relationship escalated when they ran into each other nearly one year later, and they have been pursuing a full-fledged affair ever since. Richardson, who says she has proof of the long-standing affair, says Odom seemed “deeply unhappy” with his marriage and once told her, upon leaving her hotel room, “I have to go be a Kardashian now.” The rumors seem to be getting to Odom. The usually even-keeled athlete attacked a group of paparazzi who were following him in Hollywood on Wednesday, smashing one photogs car with a metal rod and breaking the camera equipment of another.

Elementary School Visit with Khloe!

I am wearing an Anine Bing t-shirt, Cynthia Vincent shorts from DASH, converse sneakers and an Acne Studios hat. Mason is wearing a La Miniatura shirt, Tom & Drew shorts, Ralph Lauren sneakers and Sons see page + Daughters sunglasses. They met through~~InterracialFishes. Co ~~It is the best, largest and most successful interracial dating site for black and white singles find true love.

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