West Hollywood celebrates high court’s rulings on gay marriage

Then they snapped souvenir photos with their cellphones so they would have keepsakes from the big day. The Abbey opened early so people could gather to learn of the rulings live. Todd Barnes, its general manager, is a 49-year-old gay man who was married to a woman for six years and came out at 35. He said coming out to his wife was one of the most difficult things he’s ever done. “To know that as a gay man I can get married again I’m happy,” Barnes said.
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Why some child stars walk away from Hollywood

Wilson recently penned a piece for Cracked.com saying child stars end up deeply troubled because they’re “sexually exploited.” Melissa Francis, author of “Diary of a Stage Mother” and a critically-acclaimed child star from “Little House on the Prairie,” still works in television but in a completely different role – she’s a Fox News Business Channel anchor . “When I hit my teen years, I started to feel awkward about acting, like a puppet mouthing someone else’s words. I wanted to have a voice of my own,” she explained. “I look at the children in my son’s Kindergarten class and realize I had a five day week, full time job by the time I was their age.” Former “Home Improvement” star Zachery Bryan, has a slightly different take on child stardom. He said it was simply a “natural progression” to move behind the lens.
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CAA Signs Five Hollywood-Based Canadian TV Screenwriters (Exclusive)

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Hollywood “Crack-Up”

U.S. indie cable network MAV TV acquired Crash Canyon for the U.S. market, and MTV picked up the international broadcast rights. CAA’s Kenneally and Miller are this week at the Banff World Media Festival, taking meetings with Canadian broadcasters looking to possibly exploit Maple Gravy’s command of the Hollywood sitcom. The company launch coincides with Canadian screenwriters with Hollywood experience increasingly returning home to make sitcoms as they work both sides of the border.
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That Pat Hobby never finds out his own disgrace is a small act of charity on Fitzgerald’s part. The Pat Hobby stories lack Fitzgerald’s characteristic lyricism, and perhaps for that might be read as mercenary or hackwork; but what they lack in beauty, they make up for in wit and pathos. Pat Hobby begins the story “The Homes of the Stars,” for example, by playing up his close personal friendship with Ronald Colman, and ends — after several mishaps — hoping the actor doesn’t remember his last name. Or in “Boil Some Water — Lots of It,” Pat Hobby hits a man who’s threatening to upend the social order of the studio cafeteria, only to find out that the man is actually a heavyweight producer in costume as an extra.
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